October 26th-28th

11am EDT - 7:30pm EDT

The 3 Day Intensive Online Event for smart Entrepreneurs who want to build a 6-7 figure business in 2021…

WITHOUT the stress of copying and pasting what everyone else is doing.

Learn the proven formula to amplify your reputation, stand out among your competitors, make more money and grow your business.

(Tickets from $97 - $197)
Emerge with Steve & Jayne Lowell

Award-Winning 7 Figure Global Entrepreneurs

Hi! We're the Lowells

Founders of Deep Thought Strategy.

We’ve all heard of people who seem to be far more successful than we are and we look at them and wonder why them and not me!

Does this sound familiar….?

You are watching this highly successful entrepreneur and wondering, “What are they doing that I am not doing. What do they know that I don't know?”

You have a decent looking website, you’ve come up with a few new marketing ideas again, and you start promoting with renewed hope.

You’ve taken every step you can think of towards becoming a wealthy entrepreneur and it seems that you keep taking the same steps over and over again and yet here you are wondering why other entrepreneurs are passing you by.

And then you sit… and you sit some more… and you check your email for leads, just waiting for your business to go viral. You put your heart and soul into this... why wouldn’t the whole world want to work with you?

But nothing happens. You get one or two random message, a few linked In requests and maybe a facebook share.... and maybe (if you’re lucky) a troll leaves a lovely comment under your content. 

Your entire dream of building a business that actually helps people starts to fade in your mind...

What did I do wrong? 

Why don’t the social media platforms show my posts to people? 

I don’t want to quit… But how do I make this work?


Tickets from $97 - $197 USD

Times Are a’Changing… and It’s Getting Harder 

To Get New Clients to Say “YES”...

All of your competitors have gone on online, the space is more crowded now than it’s ever been and the only hope you have is to stand out above the crowd.

Now is NOT the time to panic… It’s an opportunity to finally do things differently! (and get paid for it)

So… let’s pull ourselves out of panic mode, and focus our energy on activities that are actually USEFUL! 

Let’s get started on building the business you envisioned when you first started.

Let’s do it right NOW!

Are you ready to change up your business model, messaging… and make money during these crazy times?? Then you have landed in the right place at the right time.


October 26th-28th

Let us help you emerge stronger than ever!

Learn The Proven Formula To amplify your reputation, stand out among your competitors, make more money and grow your business.

We will give you the step-by-step playbook to lead you out of obscurity towards success, influence, impact and wealth so you can have a more profitable and sustainable future, while also eliminating the competition!

Our Promise to You…

After this 3-day virtual experience, you will have clarity around what’s been holding you back in your business, the tools you need to break free of those limiting conditions, and a series of proven strategies that will position you as the unmistakable authority in your field!

Tickets from $97 - $197 USD

We are thrilled that our friend and colleague Brian Tracy will be our keynote speaker

Global Speaker, Author, & Success Expert

Brian's goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Brian has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 70 other countries worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year


the Path

To Profitability

Let us show you how to make your business standout in a crowded sea of competition and get your prospects to seek you out and walk straight past your competition directly to your door.

Here's what you can expect when you attend Emerge 2020

Day 1: 

The Methodology

Start 8am PDT 11am EDT - Close 4:30pm PDT 7:30pm EDT

Discover the methodology that Steve and Jayne have used to create a global, 7-figure coaching and training business. Their clients all over the world use it too, and now it’s your turn!

On day one you’ll discover:


EXACTLY what’s been holding you back from making the sales and the money you KNOW you’re worth.


A little known, but HIGHLY powerful (and globally proven) process to drive your prospects straight to you.


How you can become the only logical choice in the eyes of your clients, and do it all without incurring any advertising or marketing costs (here’s a hint…it’s NOT about “free traffic”).


How just by changing a few words when you speak about yourself can take you from “I’m Not Interested” to “Where do I sign up!?

Yes I want to make the sales and money I know I am worth! Sign me up!

Day 2: 

The Strategies

Start 8am PDT 11am EDT - Close 4:30pm PDT 7:30pm EDT

You’ll learn 4 core strategies that will position you as a recognized authority in your field and do it fast.

By the end of this day, you will know how to:


Remove any mindset blocks that have been standing between you and the success you dream of.


Find your very own, totally unique, one-of-a-kind content within your current business that no one else in the entire world has. You’ll be a guru in the eyes of your prospects.


Amaze any audience (virtual or live) with transformational content they’ve never seen before, even if you have never spoken or presented before! 


Shake their beliefs, rattle their paradigms and have them running to you for your expertise…and PAYING for it!

I want to be rattled!!! Sign me up!

Day 3: 

The Monetization

Start 8am PDT 11am EDT - Close 2pm PDT 5pm EDT

This is where the money is!  You’ll learn how to turn your current business into a money-making content machine.

By the end of day three you’ll know how to:


Find your very own unique and transformational content that already hides within you, even if you can’t even imagine what that might be…(It’s there…we guarantee it!)


Create new and exciting, high-value offerings that you can easily sell, including everything from low-priced checklists, to multi-6 figure programs...all without spending valuable time researching, compiling and paraphrasing other people’s stuff.


Accumulate your personal vault of wisdom, ideas and content that your clients, prospects and marketplace will pay huge fees to access!

I want my own money making machine!! Sign me up!

See what Brian Tracy, Professional Speaker, Author and Success Expert,

had to say about Deep Thought Strategy

“They will save you months, and even years, of hard work.”

- Brian Tracy

Emerge 2020:

October 26th-28th

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Join us for a life-changing virtual event where you will learn how to emerge as the unmistakable authority in your field from the comfort of your own home. 

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  • 3-Day Virtual Event Pass
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  • Custom Journal
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  • 3-Day Virtual Event Pass
  • Amazing Swag Box Filled with Goodies and Tools to Maximize Your Experience (courier service directly to your door)
  • Custom Journal
  • Free Copy of Deep Thought Strategy, #1 International Bestseller
  • Free Copy of From Stage Fright to Spotlight, #1 International Bestseller
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  • Private VIP only Q&A Session with Brian Tracy on Zoom 

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Here’s what this event is NOT…

  • It’s NOT about how to use social media
  • It’s NOT about how to market better
  • It’s NOT about sales strategy or closing techniques
  • It’s NOT about traffic, landing pages or list building

Here’s what it is…

This event is for you if you’re serious about...

  • Winning more of those high-value contracts that you used to lose to your competitors
  • Getting more repeat business from your most profitable clients
  • Generating more creative solutions that you can offer your clients making you far more valuable to them
  • Getting asked to speak at more (and bigger) events
  • Creating a massive library of your own EXCLUSIVE AND PROPRIETARY content
  • Being ready to present your one-of-a-kind, money-making, powerhouse presentation to any audience, from any platform at any time.
  • Skyrocketing your credibility by attaching your name to the biggest legends in your industry


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your experience after the event, we will gladly give you your money back - no questions asked. 

Tickets from $97 - $197 USD

Master of Ceremonies

Brian Walter

Hall of Fame Speaker

Brian is an interaction and communication expert, a Hall of Fame Speaker, a Past President of the National Speakers Association, and President of Extreme Meetings. But be warned, Brian is ALSO a corporate humorist. And he has promised to treat what could have been a very serious emcee role in a decidedly UNserious way. 

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Don't miss live sessions from our panel of speakers as they share their expert insights and how they have implemented their training with Steve Lowell to develop their own Deep Thought Strategy.

John Robertson

Leadership & Corporate Culture Expert

Lisa Cavender

Coach, Speaker and CEO of INNERGY LTD

Linda Cousineau

Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker, Coach and Negotiation Strategist

Brandon Fong

Speaker, Mentor, and Paradigm Shifter

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Valerie Huard

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Gaia Ferreira

Gaia helps High Achievers with low fulfillment build a legacy that fulfills their soul so they can live a life without regret!

See what Jack Canfield, Multiple #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series had to say about Steve and Jayne (Deep Thought Strategy)

“It’s going to be an amazing experience. I promise you.”

- Jack Canfield

We'll See You Soon!

We look forward  to being able to share our combined 60 years of coaching and speaking experience, we’re dedicated to helping you gain the clarity you need, the strategies you need and the support you need to confidently amplify your brilliance and play on a much bigger stage in your business.